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The Bailes Brothers Official Website The Bailes Brothers were one of the most popular country music acts in the 1940's and 50’s.
The Bailes Brothers Official Website
Quite apart from their own recordings, many other artists have also recorded songs written by the brothers.
The Bailes Brothers Official Website The Bailes Brothers, usually performing in combinations of two, were one of the most popular harmony duets during the middle and late 1940’s. Their deeply emotional, sincere singing style and original song lyrics contributed to their lasting popularity.
The Bailes Brothers Official Website The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame inducted the Bailes Brothers - Kyle, Johnnie, Walter and Homer – in a song-filled ceremony at the West Virginia Culture Center in Charleston in November 2009.
The Bailes Brothers Official Website Through a friendship with Roy Acuff, Johnny and Walter were invited to join the Grand Ole Opry in 1943, and became the first West Virginians to star on the show.

The Bailes Brother Juke Box


Name Play Size Length
Bailes Bros Drunkards Grave Columbia

2.4 MB 2:39 min
Bailes Bros Dust On The Bible CMA 1975 Fan Fare Reunion Foundation Records

2.3 MB 2:33 min
Bailes Bros I Want To Be Loved Columbia

2.2 MB 2:24 min
Bailes Bros Pretty Flowers Columbia

2.7 MB 2:54 min
Bailes Bros Remember Me Columbia

2.7 MB 2:55 min
Bailes Brothers An Empty Mansion King

2.6 MB 2:52 min
Bailes Brothers As Long As I Live Columbia

2.6 MB 2:54 min
Bailes Brothers Daniel Prayed King

2.6 MB 2:54 min
Bailes Brothers How Do You talk To A Baby Starday 45rpm

2.5 MB 2:42 min
Bailes Brothers If You Have Retreated From God Columbia 78 rpm

2.6 MB 2:51 min
Bailes Brothers Jesus Hold My Hand Starday 45rpm

2.5 MB 2:45 min
Bailes Brothers Oh So Many Years Columbia

2.8 MB 3:00 min
Bailes Brothers Sinner Kneel Down and Pray Columbia 78 rpm

2.8 MB 3:01 min
Bailes Brothers You'll Always Be The Only One Columbia

2.7 MB 2:58 min
Johnnie Bailes Ballad Of Honest Abe Decca 45rpm

2.6 MB 2:48 min
Johnnie Bailes He Will Dollie 45rpm

2.1 MB 2:16 min
Johnnie Bailes Hula Star Decca 45rpm

2.3 MB 2:33 min
Johnnie Bailes I Owe It To My Heart Decca 45 RPM

2.8 MB 3:00 min
Johnnie Bailes If I Were Alone With God Dollie 45rpm

2.5 MB 2:43 min
Johnnie Bailes It's Bound To Happen Decca

2 MB 2:08 min
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